The Simple Guide to Building a Lifetime Wardrobe

Whether we realize it or not we all have deep attachments to our clothing. We buy clothes to make us feel a certain way, or to create the image of ourselves we wish the world to see. We make every single memory in our clothing. Our clothes are a part of us. It might seem simplistic – they are only pieces of fabric after all. But they are how we express our identity and share who we are with the world. They are a part of Every. Single. Thing. Which makes them important.

Setting up your wardrobe sets the foundation to get through your days. It lays the ground work for who you are, and who you want to be. Do you have closet full of an overwhelming amount of low vibe, ill-fitting clothing that triggers bad memories? Covering your body in fabrics that don’t let it breathe or move? Or does everything fit perfectly, with your life and the rest of your closet? Can you stick your hand in, grab anything and feel confident going out into the world?

Do you want to?

Purging and organizing your closet may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you’ve never done it. There’s probably years of clothes stored up in there, and it can be daunting. So, I’ve put together a guide to help you – you can purchase it below. Just follow the simple steps outlined in it, and you will soon have a wardrobe that brings you joy for life.

Ps: There’s two other packages here and here if you want more help with this project. You can also find some gorgeous wardrobe pieces here – they’re all made from natural fabrics & lots of ethical brands.


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