Get to Know Fond Boutique: A Year Later

It’s been a year since our first interview with Fond Boutique, and it has been amazing getting to watch them grow. They still have the most thoughtfully curated selection of consignment in Calgary, recently hosted their first shopping event, and are in multiple markets this holiday season. Tanya has taken on a partner, Dione, to help grow Fond Boutique, I was interested to know more about how this partnership developed and what this means for both Fond and themselves. Read on to get to know Fond, and these two brilliant lady bosses, a little better! Also, be sure to come shop their beautiful selection of clothing at Market Collective this weekend, and check out their events page to see where they will be next… I’d also definitely suggest signing up for their newsletter to stay up to date on what’s going on this year.

Get to Know Fond Boutique: A Year Later

How have things been for Fond since our interview last year? What have you learned?

Dione: Since joining Fond this fall I have noticed an increased interest in what we are up to. Consignment, when done right, is very appealing given Calgary’s economic state! I have learned that women love to express their personality through their clothing, and we succeed when curating really unique and fun pieces!

Tanya: Since Dione has joined she’s really pushed me to get things rolling and be accountable! We’ve seen some incredible response from her networks. I think women in general are excited and supportive about what we are up to – that’s the main reason we do what we do!

Now that you’ve had time for Fond to both grow and settle, what drives you going forward?

D: Collaboration! We want to align with other businesses and entreprenuer’s in the city (like you;)) and create experiences that people will remember.

T: Well said! We are also finding a bit of a niche in helping women find the style that suits them best. That is incredibly rewarding.

Get to Know Fond Boutique: A Year Later / Image by Isaac Peters Photography

What is the philosophy behind Fond?

D: Thoughtfully Curated. We are very considerate when taking items from our consignors, and we want our customers to be equally thoughtful and considerate when purchasing from us!

What does Fond add to the community here in Calgary?

T: We are hoping a sense of pride and empowerment in self expression through wearing repurposed fashion. We also want to connect the women we work with and who shop with us and think that Fond acts as a great conduit for this.

Get to Know Fond Boutique: A Year Later / Image by Isaac Peters Photography

You have a very select group of consigners – what is the philosophy behind that?

T: Our philosophy is built on trust and transparency. We like to operate by working with women we have developed personal relationships with. We are looking for lifelong partnerships with our consigners. Also staying lean allows us to maintain the ‘curated’ element to what we do.

How did this new partnership develop?

D: Having been friends for a few years, I always respected Tanya for her drive and vision. It was a no brainer for me to consider partnering with her when she asked me, as we both bring different skill sets to the business.

T: No brainer for sure – Dione was one of Fond’s first consigners! We share a best friend and so that trust just came so naturally in the partnership.

Get to Know Fond Boutique: A Year Later / Image by Isaac Peters Photography

What strengths do each of you bring to help Fond grow and prosper?

D: My background is in business development and retail management! I’m organized and know what I want to create in a retail environment.

T: Dione is the grounding energy in the partnership… very Yin Yang! She can teach me a ton about retail and operations, and I can share my knowledge about branding, communications and entrepreneurship.

Tanya, how has it been navigating from being the sole person behind Fond to trusting someone else with your passion project?

T: Dione has been incredible to work with and has absolutely thrown herself in to everything we do. I admire her dedication and passion for people. This partnership has given me even more energy and excitement for Fond than I had before.

Get to Know Fond Boutique: A Year Later / Image by Isaac Peters Photography

Dione, what made you want to join Fond?

D: Tanya! I was one of her early consigners and love her energy. She is a person I want to learn from and grow with. Plus, we make a pretty kick ass, lady boss team!

T: Xox! Truth 😉

How has this new partnership impacted both the business and your personal lives?

D: The business is growing – we hosted our first successful shopping event and are planned to hit multiple Holiday Markets! Personally, I am really fulfilled with what we are doing at Fond, and it only means a happier home energy.

T: Professionally and personally I am feeling more fulfilled in my work and in my life. All positive!

Get to Know Fond Boutique: A Year Later / Image by Isaac Peters Photography

What are you excited for in the upcoming months?

D: We are launching our new line in 2017, the ‘a’ collection – athleisure by Fond Boutique! There are limited places women can consign their pre-loved workout gear and we want to give customers a one stop shop for all of their wants and needs!

T: We are also amping up our closet auditing and styling services, and see endless possibilities.

What ways would you like to see Fond change or grow in the next year?

D: I personally want to introduce an online store in 2017. A place for us to post our pieces is a great opportunity to spread our beautiful closet past markets and pop ups.

T: In addition to this, I want getting our message out and brand awareness to be a priority and become really strong and consistent.

Get to Know Fond Boutique: A Year Later / Image by Isaac Peters Photography

Biggest reward being an entrepreneur? Biggest struggle?

D: Creating and executing our vision! We have some really exciting projects in the works, things we are passionate about because they sparked from our own ideas. My biggest struggle is the unknown, and I am conquering my fear of it everyday. Not knowing drives me to try harder and hustle!

T: The ability to make the change I want to see, which is always the most exciting and petrifying thing about entrepreneurship. I do crave a good challenge!

What advice do you have for those starting their own endeavours?

D: Trust your gut and voice your ideas, concerns and opinions. They matter and the people you work with want to hear them.

T: Touche! Also, don’t settle. Life is really fucking short.

Get to Know Fond Boutique: A Year Later / Image by Isaac Peters Photography

What are your ultimate goals, both personally and professionally?

D: I want to have a family one day. I will be one of those amazing working Mom’s who supports their babes, and has her career. My ultimate goal is to be Super Mom while doing a job I love.

T: Always creating and executing ideas. Making the world a slightly better place. Being a better person than the day before. These are all equally important to me!

How do you find balance? What does balance look like to you?

D: I find balance in my family and friends. I want to work hard 8-10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, and schedule out time for the people who matter most in my life!

T: Work smarter – I am always striving for this, as the opportunities feel endless at this stage. I crave connection but also need alone time more than ever before so I work hard to carve out time for both.

Get to Know Fond Boutique: A Year Later / Image by Isaac Peters Photography

What do you feel is the most important thing in life?

D: Love. I had my Grandma write the word in cursive and then had it tattooed on my wrist. I take love into everything I do, and if I don’t feel it in situations, relationships or experiences I know they aren’t for me.

T: This is a philosophy that Dione has brought into the business and I cherish her for it. I completely agree; love and human connection are everything.

How are you trying to make a difference in our world?

D: I want to be remembered by the way I make people feel. I have a goal to eventually start a non-profit program, but in the mean time, I look for local charities or individuals in need to align myself with and use my connections and time to support them.

T: Making women feel great and special by what we do. Being thoughtful in our footprints and defying what the media tells us to think and feel about who we are and how we look. It’s ambitious but that’s the hope!

*The first two images of Tanya and Dione are by Mac Roy (@fresh.productions_).  The rest are by Isaac (@IsaacPetersPhotography).

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