The Year of No Spending: October

Let’s just say that The Year of No Spending was a bit of a bust this month. It turns out that when life feels like it’s spiralling, eating out spirals too. 

There was a lot going on – we were in and out of houses for half the month, and the rest I was sick. There was very little meal prep, and lots of driving. 

However – I have realized there might be places where we need to adjust the rules. For instance, takeout coffee. I miss sitting in coffee shops writing, so each month I am getting a gift card for $25 to use solely for that purpose. 

I’m also debating the rules around clothing. While I have most of what I need, sometimes there’s a one of a kind vintage or thrifted piece that catches my eye, and would be perfect in my wardrobe. Pieces from Kindred Thrift are a great example, which is where I got most of my things from last month. So I’m trying to find a way to balance enjoying intentional shopping, supporting small businesses, and no spending. And maybe that is the way to balance it – shopping intentionally. And treating myself with kindness and grace. 

The other thing is trying to find a balance for events with friends. Calgary is such an active community, and many of our friends are deeply involved in it. How do we navigate enjoying all these awesome things with this project? 

This isn’t meant to be a rigid, shame-filled experience. I want it to be a journey into living more gracefully. I’m not planning on this project ending with the year; this is a full out lifestyle change for us. And for it to last, it needs to be sustainable and allow us to enjoy life. So that’s the goal for November – cut the spending on eating out, and finding balance and minimalism in all other areas of spending. 

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