The Year of No Spending: How September Went

This last month the “Year of No Spending” project was a little more difficult. I have learned how important prep is in succeeding in this project. Food is the hardest thing for us to not spend money on. With our fridge breaking down and how busy Isaac has been, there were definitely days where eating out was much easier. There were days that eating out is exactly what we ended up doing. However, we were able to do this more mindfully and affordably than we have in past. Here’s how it went:

October’s Spending

  • Community salads a few (maybe like 5?) times. This has become our go-to when we haven’t been able to grocery shop or are in a pinch for food. We keep it cheap and healthy.
  • Community breakfast sandwiches are INSANELY FUCKING DELICIOUS and much more affordable than many other breakfast options we used to turn to. We had this the morning after the fridge broke.
  • Coffee once – I forgot the gift card at home, hadn’t slept & wanted to do something nice for Isaac & surprise him with one.
  • Takeout dinner from Booker’s once. Isaac had worked over a week straight with no days off. I was in a house in the suburbs without any easy food to cook & crippling ovarian pains. For this one night it was totally worth it.
  • I crossed shoes off my list – I found a pair of babouches & black flats at Value Village. While the babouches aren’t faring so well with how much I am wearing them, they were definitely worth the $5 until I can invest in a real pair.
  • I replaced some candles and bought the Rainwaves Hair Tonic from Harlow Skin Co. They were having a 40% off sale, my other candles are almost gone, and I have literally zero hair products except dry shampoo. I had tossed my surf spray months ago in hopes of finding one that didn’t wreck my hair, so this is the perfect replacement. And it was way less expensive than it would have been regular price, so yay!
  • I replaced my eyebrow gel and red lipstick. I was finishing up old ones, both of which were not really the healthiest cosmetic choices – they were purchased before I understood the impact of chemicals in cosmetics. Since they were almost gone I decided to just toss them and invest in some healthier ones. I went with this eyebrow gel and this lipstick, both of which I’m absolutely loving.

Also, a huge thanks is due to my mom. She feeds us when we’re exhausted, gave us food when our fridge broke, and bought my winter coat (from Value Village!) for me. She is a huge help, and we are so grateful for it. We love you mom! 

I am also pretty lucky to have some super amazing friends who are on board with this project & have generously treated me to coffee or taken me to events. You are pretty special humans, and I love you. 

On that note – our coffee card is about to run out. If anyone wants a photoshoot in exchange for a gift card to a local coffee shop, shoot us an email!

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