Babouches: Everlane or Atelier St. George?

I have a bit of a conundrum: I am wanting a pair of babouches, but am torn between two brands. I love the minimalist aesthetic of babouches, which are traditional Moroccan slippers. Clean lines, simple colours, comfort & versatility are my requirements for everything in my wardrobe, and both these check the boxes. (ps. the image above is from Everlane’s instagram).

Image via Atelier St. George

Atelier St. George is a shop out of Vancouver that carries slippers from Twenty One Tonnes, who imports the traditional slippers from Morocco. They are entirely made of leather with a soft bottom, and so won’t work outdoors in a couple of months. However, they are also reasonably priced & exquisitely simple.

Everlane Babouche
Image via Everlane

Everlane makes a more modern pair. The Babo has a solid heel, & the leather backing can be worn down like a babouche or up like a loafer. While they are ethically produced, they are also more of an investment, especially since the company is American. I’m also afraid of purchasing either & not loving them once they get here – Everlane has a great return policy, but Atelier St. George will not accept returns on this product.

A new pair of shoes is on my approved buying list for our year of no spending, which I’ll explain next week. So, I have to choose one: the traditional & less expensive, or costly modern versatility? Which would you choose? Do you have a favourite place to buy these shoes (other than going to Morocco myself, which believe me, I’ve considered)?

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