15 Things You Need for Your Next Roadtrip

I’m that person on road trips that always needs coffee and snacks, and has to stop for a bathroom break in every town*.  Most of the long distance road trips that we do are overnight, and it’s not unusual for us to do between 12 to 20 hours in a day. Because of this, I have become the master of packing a car bag. It’s like a carry on, but better since there’s no restrictions. With road trip season coming up I wanted to share my essentials with you. Road tripping will never be the same.
15 Things You Need For Your Next Roadtrip
  1. Music: I’ve been loving Spotify, but make sure you make it available offline before you hit the road. I’ve fucked up my data more than once doing this. I’ll be posting my summer driving list later this month, or you can find me @btataryn on Spotify. 
  2. Blanket Scarf: I’ve been using a gorgeous fouta from Sundara Lotus. It’s a scarf, blanket & towel in one, so makes it easy to pack light. 
  3. Pillow: Seems so simple, but I’ve forgotten it so many times that now I just keep one in the car. 
  4. Water: So much water. 
  5. Comfy Clothes aaaand a Change of Clothes: I usually travel in the comfiest thing I own (make sure it isn’t a jumpsuit in case you need to pee in the bushes – I’ve made that mistake before), and then
    bring something to change into when I get there. I usually start interviewing & checking places out immediately, and this time it’s actually before we get to our air bnb since we’re spending the day in Van first. Interviewing people in clothes that you’ve slept in just feels wrong. 
  6. Dry Shampoo & Rose Lavender Hyrdosol: Both are remarkable for freshening up that stale car feeling. 
  7. Concealer, Luminizer & Mascara: Because it’s nice to feel nice, and even just spending five minutes mindfully primping yourself helps boost your mood and energy immensely. 
  8. Sunglasses: A well made pair can make you feel fabulous instead of stale & tired. These ones by Lines & Current are my absolute favourite. 
  9. Vitamins & Elixirs: Reishi, kava kava, hawthorne, rhodiola, and “Jedi Juice” are all things that help me sleep, keep me regular and just generally sane – they are a must for me. 
  10. Snacks: Isaac likes sugary sour candies, I like delicious treats from The Light Cellar, and we both love Hard Bite salt & vinegar chips. Also, we always keep gum on hand to munch on when the road gets boring. 
  11. Glasses and Extra Contacts: Dry eyes SUCK. 
  12. Toothbrush & Toohpaste: Fuzzy teeth suck almost as much as dry eyes. Almost. 
  13. Gravol: Isaac drives like a mad man and I get carsick. This is a MUST. 
  14. Phone chargers: Because 12 hours is a lot longer than an iPhone battery lasts when you’re playing music & scrolling through Instagram.
  15. A Durable Bag: I’ve been using this waxed canvas one from Yor Leather – the pockets make it easy to keep things organized. 
15 Things You Need For Your Next Roadtrip
*Seriously – even if I’m sleeping, I will wake up. Isaac prays that lights stay green so that the sudden stopping at a red light doesn’t signal my inner “time to break” alarm.

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